Bruce Lee Kung Fu Movie Blu-ray Japan Collection Magazine Vol.10 - The Game of Death


Bruce Lee's last screen work, "Game of Death" is a film that mystifies the man and the legend. Lee plays Billy Lo, a successful movie star, who is shot for refusing to join an international management syndicate. He fakes his own death as an opportunity to pursue the gang in secret. Although the death of Lee inevitably affected the final production of the film, it stills contains some of the most unforgettable sequences in the history of cinema. The climax, in which Lee combats different masters of material arts on each floor as he climbs his way to the top of a pagoda, is a perfect example. And the unique nunchaku battle with Danny Inasanoto proves that Lee was years ahead of his time.

The action star in the movie is played by Tang Lung (Korean actor Kim Tai Jung). The crew also imitated Bruce Lee's past scenes and costumes in the movies. When a single shot of Billy appeared, the shots from previous movies were used. Although the real Bruce Lee movie clips are short, "Game of Death" proves that Bruce Lee is the soul of the movie.

Format: Blu-ray
Duration: 100 (minutes)
Audio: Japanese
Publish year: 2016
Size: 28.5 x 22 x 1.6 cm
Weight: est. 215g

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