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Bruce Lee Club was founded in July 2000, formerly known as "Hong Kong Bruce Lee Club" (founded on May 14, 1995). It was reorganized by its founding president, Mr. Huang Yaoqiang, with the purpose to continue to base in Bruce Lee's hometown——Hong Kong and provide Bruce Lee lovers all around the world to have a chance and space to communicate with each other, so as to unite the strength of everyone and strive to promote Bruce Lee's film art, WuShu, philosophical thoughts, so that the young new generation can learn this immortal spirit from Bruce Lee's legendary life!



Abode x Bruce Lee Club Warrior Figurine - Bruce Lee Club

The Abode x Bruce Lee Club Warrior Figurine is a limited collectible that celebrates the legacy of the iconic martial artist, Bruce Lee. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this figurine embodies the essence of his warrior spirit and exceptional prowess, making it a coveted piece for enthusiasts and collectors.

Size: 15cm(H)

Robert Lee Jun Fai

Speech by Honorary Chairman

" It has been more than 30 years since Bruce Lee left us. Although he has been with us for a short time, his legend will last forever. As Bruce Lee's younger brother, my mission with the Lee family is to preserve Bruce Lee's legacy in a responsible way, that is, to share our knowledge and closest memories of him with Bruce Lee fans all over the world. We, the Lee family, pay homage to the Hong Kong Bruce Lee Club for wholeheartedly carrying forward the spirit of Bruce Lee and for its lasting glory. I am particularly honored to be the honorary chairman of this prestigious group.
Since Bruce Lee's death, many Bruce Lee Clubs or fan clubs have been set up in every corner of the world. Although they are all playing an active role, the Lee family is most honored to be the first to launch the Hong Kong Bruce Lee Club."

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李小龍會歷年活動簡介 — 1995-2000 - Bruce Lee Club

李小龍會歷年活動簡介 — 1995-2000

李小龍會自1995年成立以來,舉辦過的活動不勝枚舉,現列舉部份較為有代表性的項目,簡介如下: 1995-2000  1995年5月黃耀強先生與志同道合者創辦「香港李小龍會」﹐於香港會議展覽中心舉行成立典禮﹐李振輝先生與周星馳先生同時出任名譽主席。 1995年7月於香港藝術中心四樓包兆龍畫廊...

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李小龍會歷年活動簡介 — 2001-2005 - Bruce Lee Club

李小龍會歷年活動簡介 — 2001-2005

李小龍會自1995年成立以來,舉辦過的活動不勝枚舉,現列舉部份較為有代表性的項目,簡介如下: 2001-2005 2001年籌辦李小龍會員俱樂部。 2002年11月舉辦會員聚餐﹐以旨慶祝李小龍的62歲誕辰日。 2003年7月在香港藝術中心舉辦「飛龍在天.神話再現——李小龍逝世3...

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李小龍會歷年活動簡介 — 2006-2010 - Bruce Lee Club

李小龍會歷年活動簡介 — 2006-2010

李小龍會自1995年成立以來,舉辦過的活動,不勝枚舉,現列舉部份較為有代表性的項目,簡介如下: 2006-2010   2006年11月25日與著名玩具創作公司Enterbay Ltd.於尖沙咀廣東道海港城Page One書店展出,由韓國新雋設計師金亨彥(Arnie Kim)設計的李小龍人...

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